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Skokie Gets an A+ on Transparency

The Village of Skokie has been awarded a score of 100 by  the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) for its governmental transparency.  Skokie was one of only only 5 municipalities in Illinois to attain a 100% score. Personally I think this is in large part due to Mayor Van Dusen’s leadership. We have not always agreed...
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New Skokie Walmart Shopping Center project at the intersection of Touhy & St. Louis

  There is a new major Walmart shopping center development that has been approved by the village council. The site is 14 acres and lies between Touhy on the South, Chase Avenue on the North, Lawndale Avenue on the West and St. Louis Avenue on the East....
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Skokie Sales Tax Increases to 9.5%

  It appears that the Skokie Sales tax increased to 9.5% in July 2012. That was a surprise.
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Lou Lang Closing in on Medical Marijuana Bill Passage

  It looks like representative Lou Lang is closing in on the passage of a Medical Marijuana Bill for Illinois. He has tried before. He just couldn’t muster the votes.  He told me that the sentiment was there, but that too many other representatives...
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Audiotaping of Police & Public Officials in Illinois

Illinois has a very strict anti-eavesdropping law that, believe it or not, prohibits citizens from audiotaping police and other public officials while they are on the job. It is a crime to do so…. or at least it was until very recently. I think it...
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Village budget debate – From has collected data from Niles that indicates that it has the lowest out of pocket costs for homeowners in the area. Though Park Ridge has it own chart of results that show something entirely different. These charts a quite interesting. But obviously someone...
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  Legal Research Resources & Links Sponsored by   Skokie Ordinances and Zoning Laws Skokie Code of Ordinances (from Skokie Zoning (from Ordinances and Zoning Laws for Other Cities & Villages    Illinois State Law Illinois State Constitution Illinois State Statutes Illinois Administrative Code New Laws...
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