$91,866 Oakton Street “Road Diet” Test in Downtown Skokie Starting in May – for 6 weeks

$91,866 Oakton Street “Road Diet” Test in Downtown Skokie for 6 weeks starting on May 1.

The long term “road diet” plan is estimated to cost $6.7 million. Wonder if anyone has done a return on investment analysis on this expenditure.



5 Responses to $91,866 Oakton Street “Road Diet” Test in Downtown Skokie Starting in May – for 6 weeks

  1. Earl Weiss on at

    They don’t need a test. It’s been tested twice in Skokie and it is a collossal failure both times.

    Lawler Southbound at Golf and gross point Southwest bound at oakton. Try it sometime when schools let out or open. Snow clearing was a nightmare this winter as well.

    People will avoid Oakton. This will be as great for business as the West Dempster debacle.

  2. Ed. on at

    It sounds like this Oakton Street test, in order to be of any value, needs to be conducted during snowstorm season while school is in session.

    To follow up on this, we just sent the Mayor the following email:

    From: editor@skokienotices.com
    Sent: Thursday, April 7, 2011 9:05am
    To: “George Van Dusen”
    Subject: Oakton Street Road Diet Test

    Dear Mayor Van Dusen

    One of our posters has pointed out some well reasoned flaws in the design of the Oakton Road Diet test, primarily that it’s timing will limit the validity of its results.

    Do you have any comments on this poster’s critique?

    Might you consider bringing this critique to the attention of the village trustees for reconsideration of the timing of the test?



  3. Ed. on at

    It appears one of the benefits of the “Road Diet” is that it creates more parking spaces.

    Presumably this is to support a village initiative to establish a critical mass of restaurants on Oakton Street in order to make downtown Oakton Street a dining destination spot.

    On March 24, 2011 the Mayor indicated in an email to us that “Thus far we’ve attracted six new restaurants in the last year and a half with a seventh to open (hopefully) in the next couple of months.”

  4. Mary on at

    My commute to Schaumburg is already long enough and I don’t need to be tied up in traffic as drivers funnel down to one lane and road rage ensues.

    It should be mandatory for all Village officials to go out of their way to drive through through the entire test area between Skokie Blvd. & the Village Hall during morning and evening rush hour, Monday through Friday, for the entire six week period.

    Then they will see first hand how crazy the narrowing of Oakton Street really is.

    Wouldn’t a better option be the construction of multi-level parking garages in the area and let people stroll by shops to get from the garage to the restaurants?

  5. Dr. Liliana N. Fargo on at

    There is no single formal study that proves Commercial development has improved as result of implementing a road diet.

    There are other actions to improve area appealing that could and have been done in Skokie, and we should focus on what we know it works.

    Studies supporting the road diet are based on safety improvement mainly for pedestrian. But to be honest, there are more squirrels than people crossing the streets of Downtown Skokie on an average day. If you love squirrels, I guess it makes sense.

    Dr. Fargo

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