“You Can’t Influence What You Don’t Know is Happening”

Skokie Notices was created to make it easy for you to keep track what our local public servants are doing so that you know when to raise your voice… and to make it easy to express your voice when they get off track and veer away from what is best for the public.

Most of us don’t have the time to keep an eye on what local government is doing with the authority and taxes we provide them.

It is a common human frailty for people to go wayward when given power, money and authority without supervision. Most human beings begin to think the power, money and authority is theirs… best used to further their own priorities… which seem perfectly reasonable to them… and act accordingly.

Even well meaning subordinates perform better when they know they are being watched… and less well when they know they aren’t. Public Servants are no different.

Most of them are honest and mean well… they just need to be asked difficult questions, on a recurring basis, to keep them from wandering away from our interests.

If you would like to join us, we need your help. Leave us a message here or send it to cpart@spamarrest.com

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