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The new Skokie Economic Development Plan: “Money For Nothing & Chicks For Free”*

The New Skokie Economic Development Plan: “Money For Nothing And Chicks For Free”* Skokie village recently paid $1.7 million for property located at Dempster and Skokie. That is the equivalent of 17 firefighters. They have just sold it to Oberweis Dairy for $400,000 plus 5% of sales that exceed $1 million a year for...
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West Nile Disease, Park Board & Storm Water Management

Skokie is a national hot spot for West Nile disease. The West Nile virus is spread by mosquitoes that bread in still water. In recent years a common way to skirt real estate development limitations imposed by limits on local storm water management capacity is to create structures that naturally hold small bits of...
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Purple Hotel on Touhy Headed for Demolition

The famous Purple Hotel, located in a TIF area on Touhy,  is headed for demolition. The owner has been seeking $25.8 million for the property which has been for sale for some time. If it is not brought into compliance with local building codes it will become subject to demolition pursuant to the  Illinois...
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High Speed Rail Through Skokie

Ever give much thought to what happens when they eventually connect Chicago to Milwaukee with a high speed rail. There are two issues: 1. Where does the route go? It has to go through either Skokie or Evanston. Where would you like to see it? 2. Wherever it goes it will almost certainly develop...
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Redevelopment Plans for Downtown Skokie, Not Welcomed

“Is the Village of Skokie seriously still planning on making Oakton Street one lane in each direction in hopes of bringing people to downtown Skokie shops/restaurants? One lane in each direction on a main artery can only cause bottle necks in traffic, particularly during rush hour. I object, do you?” Ellen Ryan December 12,...
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HELP WANTED – to Run Skokie Local news site

HELP WANTED: Part time job running a local Skokie news site ( Seeking a person with an interest in online journalism. WordPress  experience very helpful. Experience with twitter & facebook accounts will also be useful. Job includes attending and taking notes at local village board meetings and engaging in short interviews with local residents...
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