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Ever since the advent of modern democracy, a certain theme has continued to reoccur… over and over. Public servants, even good ones, in large and small ways, invariably tend to seek dominance over their masters.

One process they use is wielding control of information over which they have been granted stewardship… most often playing some form of “hide the ball” with the very information we need to keep them accountable.

They often come to believe that the information is theirs, not ours. Shame on most of us for buying into that.

This is a carryover of the thinking that while government ministers and administrators owe allegiance and fidelity to the sovereign, they have no such obligation toward lowly citizens.

Hey guys (and gals) we are the sovereign now. We kicked King George out some time ago. You work for us… not yourself. You don’t own your job, were merely lending you the reigns of government… temporarily.

Freedom of Information Acts

In an attempt to mitigate the most severe instances of this problem, both the state and the Federal Government have passed Freedom of Information acts… entitling citizens to access government information… government information that rightfully belongs to the citizens to begin with.

These laws are known by the acronym FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). The State of Illinois has one that applies to state and local government. The Federal Government has one that applies to Federal Agencies, but which does reach out to touch federal contractors.

When you stop to think about it, isn’t that something… that we should need a law to ensure public servants hand over the information we need to monitor what they are doing, allegedly on our behalf? Sheesh!!!!

How to Use the FOIA Acts

The purpose of this page is to provide you with the information you need in order to assert your FOIA rights.

We are still working on the content for this page. The final page will include links to FOIA statutes and law. It will also include the contact information of the FOIA officials at each local unit of government.

Free help to Subscriber Freedom of Information Requests

Even while we are constructing the content for this page, we are still here to help our subscribers.

If you have any questions you need answered now, let us know. You can do that by:
1. Leave an anonymous message. Just make up a screen name (make it humorous). Make sure you our logged out of our system. Then leave your message. You will need to use a working email, but the email is kept confidential and is not displayed to the public. OR
2. Send an email to us Send the email to cpart@spamarrest.com (we use this address to filter out spam)

Pro Bono Legal Assistance

We will do our best to answer your questions. If necessary and appropriate we will do our best to arrange for a Pro Bono (legal for “free”) telephone consultation with an attorney who will advise you on submitting your FOIA request. He or she and may even provide you with Pro Bono assistance in pursuing your request through the courts.

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