Niles Township High School District 219 Teacher Salary Data for 2011

Niles Township High School District 219 Teacher Salary Data for 2011 (If you would like more information including years of experience, pay grade, position and teaching assignments, email with your request) NAME              SALARY Ackman, Scott $133,606 Acuna, Michelle $0 Ahearn, Caroline $35,776 Ahmad, Tayyaba $57,318 Akwa, Stefanie $97,437...
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Skokie Gov. Home Owner Costs Compared to Other Villages

Skokie Costs to Home Owners Compared to Other Villages EvanstonNow has done an article that is deserving of close study by anyone interested in local governmental accountability. They compare two studies. One by Niles claiming itself to be the lowest local government in Illinois…. and another by Park Ridge showing Niles to be the...
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Less than 1/3 of Evanston’s employees live in Evanston

Less than 1/3 of Evanston’s employees live in Evanston It seems like this kind of thing only happens with the good jobs. Only 12 out of its 110 Fire Department personnel live in Evanston. We wonder how much of this job outsourcing goes on in Skokie. How much village business and purchasing is directed...
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Legislation to Permit Automatic Electric and Gas Rate Increases over next 10 years

We received an email from Michael Happ of Citizen Action/Illinois “Hundreds of Illinoisans have written their legislators about ComEdand Ameren’s request for a free pass to raise rates on their customers. The General Assembly will debate this issue this morning-and may vote by Friday-which is why I’ll be in Springfield this week, and I...
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Ilya Sheyman running for Mark Kirk’s Old Seat

Ilya Sheyman has announced his 2012 bid against Rep Robert Dold. Dold is the Tea Party candidate who replaced Rep Mark Kirk after Kirk won the campaign for President Obama’s old Senate seat. Rep Dold is also president of family owned Rose Pest Control. (1) (2) (3) (4)!/Sheyman2012 Personal Contact...
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Civil Discourse And Respectful Debate – April 27 Skokie Public Library

The Illinois Humanities Council is sponsoring one of a discussion series “What’s Possible? Government and the Economy,” a conversation with experts who are thinking and writing about the relationship of economics and government to democracy and ideological segregation. This will take place on Wednesday, April 27, 2011, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the...
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The new Skokie Economic Development Plan: “Money For Nothing & Chicks For Free”*

The New Skokie Economic Development Plan: “Money For Nothing And Chicks For Free”* Skokie village recently paid $1.7 million for property located at Dempster and Skokie. That is the equivalent of 17 firefighters. They have just sold it to Oberweis Dairy for $400,000 plus 5% of sales that exceed $1 million a year for...
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