School District 65 Voters Unseat Board President – the times they are a changing

School District 65 Voters have unseated incumbent Keith Terry, board president, in the school trustee race. I guess Superintendent Murphy needed his 5 year contract.,evanston-65election-040711-s1.article
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Illinois Freedom Of Information Law (FOIA) Running Into Barriers

================================ If you need free FOIA legal assistance, See: Free FOIA Assistance ================================ Backlogs, leniency on new public records law Advocates see progress, but watchdog has unaddressed requests, limited powers “Attorney General Lisa Madigan has used her broad new authority over public records disputes to whittle at Illinois’ long-standing culture of secrecy, but lax...
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Government Employee Double-Dippers Earning Pensions & Paychecks

Double-Dippers Earning Pensions Plus Paychecks Are Targeted by U.S. States “Arkansas banned double-dipping by state workers last month, while bills to curb it are pending before lawmakers in Olympia, Washington, and Trenton, New Jersey.” Where is Illinois on this? What about our local school districts? Why do they support double dipping? They can put...
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What Freeze on Real Estate Taxes?

“Skokie will hold its first budget hearing next week, introducing a spending plan calling for a freeze on property taxes for the 21st consecutive year.”,skokie-budget-040711-s1.article The Village keeps bragging about its freeze on real estate taxes. What freeze on real estate taxes? Has not everyone had their real estate taxes rise every year...
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Illinois High-Speed Rail Construction Started – Next Through Skokie?

“The next phase of construction on a high-speed rail route between Chicago and St. Louis will begin next month” The other leg of the high speed rail goes from Chicago to Milwaukee. That means it will be going through someone’s back yard in either Skokie or Evanston. I guessing Skokie, because the lake shore...
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$91,866 Oakton Street “Road Diet” Test in Downtown Skokie Starting in May – for 6 weeks

$91,866 Oakton Street “Road Diet” Test in Downtown Skokie for 6 weeks starting on May 1. The long term “road diet” plan is estimated to cost $6.7 million. Wonder if anyone has done a return on investment analysis on this expenditure.,skokie-roaddiet-033111-s1.article
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Guardian Angels Patrol Buses – How about Skokie’s drug infested parks?

Guardian Angels patrol CTA buses Maybe we should invite them to Skokie’s Drug infested parks. Guardian Angels make a citizen’s arrests when they see crimes committed. We need more of that in Skokie,
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