Self Interested School Superintendent Whining

Superintendents weigh in on proposed consolidation.

They keep talking about two bogus issues:

(a) Increased busing because of the decommissioning of school buildings.

But that is a red herring. No one is talking about decommissioning schools, it is about decommissioning Superintendent jobs.

(b) Loss of Parent Control.

Parents have no control and most (all?) Superintendents actively attempt to prevent that control. I have never met a Superintendent who believed that his/her control was subordinate to that of parents.

Here is an article with a collection of  Superintendent misdirection and whining:
Sounding off: Superintendents weigh in on proposed consolidation

And more whining and Superintendent mendacity here:

If they are so interested in Parent Control – Let’s replace the School Boards with the Parent Councils that Chicago uses. One per School – and they actually get final budget control. Whoever controls the purse strings controls the principal, the superintendent or grand Poohbah. How about some real control?

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    Some More articles

    Quinn Tackles Schools, Seniors, Death Penalty and Ankle Biters

    Superintendents oppose Quinn’s school merger plan

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    More Whining:
    One-district proposal raises concerns, Schools prepare for possibility of mandatory school consolidation

    School Officials Skeptical of Governor’s District Consolidation Plans (This areticle has some real good reader comments)

    How about this. Require every school to have a parents council similar to what the CPS system does. That parent’s council is elected and has approval over the budget. In almost every school district that will increase local control.

    Also, parents should be able to pick and choose, within a district, which school to send their children. Why not?

    Parents can smell BS and an under-performing school. Schools with superior leadership will grow, wherever they are located. Schools with loser leadership will fold… or get new leaders.

    And we have to end these multi-year administrator contracts. Who came up with those? These administrators are quick to take responsibility when things go well. They need also to take responsibility for failure. If the team isn’t playing well, its the coach that needs to go.

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    Double Dipping Eddy on School Consolidation

    Rep. Roger Eddy, a Hutsonville Republican is also superintendent of Hutsonville School District 1. Says
    “At a time when we are talking about making larger geographic districts, we won’t have transportation money. … They are kind of in conflict.”

    Eddy, we are talking about getting rid of your job, not your school. Quit scaring your marks… err constituents.

    This article contains more tidbits of wisdom from Representative / Superintendent Roger Eddy:
    Consolidation of Northbrook School Districts on the Table?

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